Apricot Healer Smoothie

Apricot Smoothie Healer

Apricot Healer Smoothie Recipe:

The  100% apple juice, If the apple  juice is made from 100% apples, It can  lowers the risk of heart disease and constipation, also prevent cancer.  The apricots help protect the eyes and prevent heart disease.  Now for the banana, Simple , ( potassium ) Well, If you think that's all the banana is good for, you'd be wrong,  the banana has more then you think in it,  it can lower high blood pressure, decrease risk of stroke, relieve heartburn,  prevents ulcers,  the banana  also speeds up recovery from diarrhea.

serves 2 full glasses


2 1/2 cups 100% apple juice

5 apricots, cut in half and seeds removed

2  bananas, peeled

2 cups of ice ( Optional )


Add the 2 1/2 cups 100% apple juice in to your blender then add the 5 apricots along with the 2  bananas Blend in till smooth, you can add the ice to the blender to make slushy or put the ice in your glass.



I always say to my two teens,  if your gong to  have a great tasting smoothie make sure that its made out of 100% real  fruit and vegetable. The  more fruit and vegetable you eat or drink, the healthier your body and mind will be.





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