What is a Vegetarian

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A vegetarian is a person who  eats a diet that consists mostly or entirely of  food stuffs that come strictly from plants  such as vegetables,  fruits, legumes, nuts, and grain products. The term’ Vegetarian’ is divided into several sub-categories. Vegetarians have meals that contain of no meat or animal fat, although they may consume dairy products or sometimes fish. Vegans are  people who use no animal products whatsoever, in any form. A gluten free diet is sometimes associated with vegetarianism, and isn’t necessarily meat free, as long as it is wheat free. Read More:

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by Marline Caplan

What is a gluten free diet?

A gluten free diet is a diet that restricts the use of wheat and wheat products, barley, malt and rye.  The use of gluten may be restricted  due to a gluten sensitivity, or celiac disease. Gluten is possibly associated with quite a few other illnesses in the human body.  Some neurological illnesses might be caused and/or exacerbated by…  Read More:

Do vegetarians and vegans need vitamin supplements?

vitamins and veggies
vitamins and veggies

With careful meal planning and a basic knowledge of howto create a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet, it is possible to obtain the vitamins and minerals  your body requires to maintain good health without taking supplements.

If, however you don’t have the time or don’t implement your diet plan properly , you will not get all of the essential nutrients to maintain good overall health. Vegetarians should be particularly concerned with having sufficient iron and vitamin B12, and vegans should keep an eye on their calcium, iron and vitamin B12 intake. All women should be concerned about  iron deficiency, especially if they prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet.  Read more:


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